Cutting with Joy

untitled2I would love to start my first post about having a new and first ever accomplishment with myself wherein others say ‘a negative action’, cutting one’s hair. 🙂

Someone told me that when someone cuts his/her hair, that person is depressed or has a troubled heart or mind. I also notice that when people saw my new look, they keep on asking why I got a haircut; questions like, “are you hurting?”, “what gave you the courage to do so?”, “are you okay, anything wrong?” With these questions, it only proves that doing such action signifies a negative remark on others.

When I decided to cut my hair, it was actually because of proving my loved one how much I love him to the point of cutting my hair to signify a new commitment to him. For me, it is a way of letting go of everything that holds me from loving him fully. I have never loved my hair because of how others criticize my curly and stubborn hair. My loved one would keep on telling me how he loves my hair so much.

I would admit that I am at my lowest point when I went to the parlor to have my hair cut, but I am also happy deep within, having the courage to go beyond my comfort zone and do something new with myself. The moment it was fully cut, I saw a lady beaming back at me in the mirror. I am so amazed by how confidently beautiful I am with this new look!

It was really a cut with joy; a feeling of accomplishment and newness not a cut of depression and a troubled mind.
I would want to stress that we don’t have to feel down to step out and do the things that we desire. Too much hate is revolving that it takes us to remind them that things that we do with passion, love and determination is beautiful. Always Beautiful!



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