A Word from a Laundry

Yesterday, my mom and I went to a laundry shop in the city. We then folded the clothes after we let it dry in a drying machine, which is basically still hot and fragrant. While we were still on the process of folding the clothes, my mom then told me, “Its fragrance loses when it gets cold.” Suddenly, a Word (rhema) came to me; “as we go on along with our journey with God and there would come a time wherein we get cold in serving Him, we lose our fragrance of anointing and glory from God.”

Whenever we linger far from Him and we harden our hearts in meditating His Word or even worshiping Him, the anointing or the glory we receive from Him does not become evident in our lives anymore. Like in the song, “praise looks good on you,” we are clothes in beauty and fragrance when we praise Him, when we glorify Him, when we continue to be on fire for Him.

So let us not grow weary, let’s not allow coldness to creep into our hearts and spirit so that when we come before God, we could be a fragrant sacrifice upon Him.





2 thoughts on “A Word from a Laundry

  1. Thanks for coming to follow me. I followed you home and like what I find. Laundry story show insight rare and discovered by many. I delighted at your influence to other young people – as well as those like me, the great grandmother type. 😀 I’m following so I will see you more.

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