Judge Me Now

She haunts me.

In dreams
In social medias
-In the likes
-The hearts
-The comments
In taking photos of myself
In movies
In anything that requires strength
In admiring the scenery around me
In combat sports
In swimming
In loving the animals
In loving my pets
In loving my parents
In associating with friends
In becoming a ‘cool chic’
In finding a job
In having the things that i desire
In food trips
In coffee
In travelling

She is EVERYWHERE that i look and imagine
She is there when i close my eyes and when i open it

She makes me open my instagram daily and search for her
Make me look at her photos and its likers
In everything that she’s associated with, a word about those make me cringe
She makes me desire of things i know in the first place i don’t need and want but i now do to become as she is.
She makes me question everything but left me guessing
She makes me remember the guilt i’m feeling towards my old self.

She is as equal as me. Woman.
But i adore and hate her harmoniously more than i do for myself.


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